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Best Practices for Remote Working

VPN Manipulation

VPN manipulation has skyrocketed during the lockdown as many individuals and businesses have opted to use VPNs for increased security. The problem with this is that hackers are taking advantage of this by providing fake VPNs and fake VPN sites. These sites prompt individuals to enter their information and hackers can see all of their activity. This can be very troublesome because the hackers will gain access to any activity done on your computer. This includes all data saved like credit cards, usernames, passwords and more.

Home Wi-Fi security

ASince employees are not working at the office, all of the security parameters that are taken for granted at the office like firewalls, network security, etc. are non-existent at home. This puts more importance on the security of the home Wi-Fi networks to protect both business and personal information. It’s important for employees to know that they should never use unsecured or public Wi-Fi to do any business related activities. This puts both the employer and employee at risk and the employee will be held accountable for this.
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Phishing is even more prevalent in regards to cybersecurity concerns with the onset of COVID-19. Since the public is in constant worry and anxiousness, this makes everyone more susceptible to phishing campaigns. Employees may receive targeted phishing campaigns that request them to add personal information to receive false government benefits. If an employee falls prey to this phishing, it can put the entire organization at risk. It’s important to notify employees that they will not receive any emails from your organization prompting them to share any personal information. This will help them identify and prevent phishing attempts that can hurt your organization.

Best Practices

Get familiar with video conferencing: Communication in remote work is vital to do almost every part of your job. If you don’t have the right equipment and apps, communicating with your managers on video calls, meetings, etc. will be very difficult. Investing in the right equipment and taking a few hours to learn the ins and outs of the apps your company uses will pay dividends in helping you communicate and excel in your role remotely.

Take time to socialize with coworkers: One of the overlooked aspects of remote work is the elimination of social networking like lunches with coworkers. This is an important part of work culture and it allows employees to connect and talk about opportunities that can be related or unrelated to work. Some viable options that remote workers can use today for these same benefits include discord chats, slack channels and similar group chats.

Follow a schedule for work: Having a designated time to start and end work every day allows remote workers to have time off during the day. Without a schedule, remote workers can easily find themselves working day and night and still falling short of accomplishing their work deadlines. A schedule allows employees to have time to explore their passions and get exercise. This can help fight against isolation and being stuck at home all day.

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