Simply mentioning IT Policies and Procedures can generate a yawn from most business people. Not having IT Policies and Procedures can lead to unnecessary[...]

3 Myths that Prevent Companies from Getting Better IT

So many companies we meet are unhappy with their IT solution, whether in-house or a provider. However, they are not willing to make a change. Why? They[...]

The Hidden Risks of Cloud Services

Are you using cloud services, also known as software as a service (SaaS) or storage as a service? Cloud services are typically sold as “worry free” and[...]

Hacker Threat to Business Executives

While this threat is not new (we first wrote about it over a year ago), it is still happening. So, we wanted you to be aware of it. It’s called “whaling”[...]

Trusted Advisor or Salesperson?

When you walk into a Verizon store and ask about whether you should choose Verizon or Sprint, do you expect to get unbiased information? No, you get a[...]

Why You Need to Look Past Cool Features

Have you ever bought something that had a lot of cool features, but did not do the basic thing well? For example a toaster oven that has all kinds of cool[...]

The Right IT Components for Growth

Is your company in the habit of investing in your IT infrastructure? This is a common challenge we still see with growing companies. During the Great[...]

An Honest Assessment of IT Security

There is a lot of talk about IT security. However, we have found that a lot of business managers do not have an honest assessment of where their network[...]

What’s the “Right” Amount to Spend on IT Infrastructure?

One place where we see the most confusion around IT infrastructure is figuring out the right amount to spend for specific solutions and overall needs.[...]

Why IT Policies and Procedures Really Matter

Simply mentioning IT Policies and Procedures can generate a yawn from most business people. And that is why many businesses never develop them. However,[...]

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